Safe Deposit Box in the heart of Brisbane CBD

Protect and safeguard your valuables with Reserve Vault’s state-of-the-art safe deposit box in Brisbane. At Reserve Vault, we offer short-term and long-term storage solutions in our exceptionally designed facility to secure a variety of precious metals and valuables.

Our range of safe deposit boxes store a wide range of valuables including bullion, precious jewellery, family heirlooms, and any other valuables. Our private underground facility in Brisbane also features a number of bullion-specific bullion locker boxes which can hold up to 900kg worth of bullion.

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We offer a range of sizes for our Safe Deposit Boxes in Brisbane, that allow for flexibility based on your needs. Our Safe Deposit Boxes utilise a dual-key system for enhanced security. They are available in a variety of capacities, spanning from 2 to 17 kilograms, and include the convenience of a bond box. If you need to store more than 17kg, we have a range of larger safes to cater to any storage needs.

We offer smaller-sized units designed for convenience, similar to the standard Safe Deposit Boxes found in banks. These units come in various sizes and feature a removable “bond box” that allows you to handle your contents privately. Unlike most banks, we prioritise higher security entry protocols and ensure your privacy while accessing and managing your belongings. We provide secure private rooms where you can handle your contents without any cameras or audio microphones present.

For each Safe Deposit Box, the client receives two distinct keys, which they keep privately. To enhance security, an extra level of protection is implemented. Opening the box requires not only the client’s key but also the Reserve Vault guard’s key. This dual-key requirement offers double protection. The client retains the only key capable of opening the box, while also ensuring that anyone possessing that key has been identified and accompanied by personnel at Reserve Vault, thereby mitigating the risk in case the key is stolen.

Our Safe Deposit Boxes are available in the following sizes:

Safe Deposit Box - Reserve Vault Brisbane
Other Secure Storage Options with Reserve Vault

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About our Safe Deposit Boxes

How much does a Safe Deposit Box Cost?

Safe deposit box pricing with Reserve Vault starts at $4.40* per week. Choose the right box for your valuables, make an appointment with us today and we can help you choose the right secure storage. *Monthly and yearly plans are available.

Access to your Safe Deposit Box

Access to your items at Reserve Vault is restricted and only those approved on your lease agreement will be allowed access. Access is by appointment only and will require you to provide verified identification and your key/combination to your leased safe unit. All persons are escorted by our fully qualified security staff whilst at the facility.

Our Underground Vault

In premises first established by the Reserve Bank of Australia, Reserve Vault boasts a subterranean, highly secure construction and possesses state-of-the-art security systems, fully licensed security personnel and robust security procedures. The dedicated team and purpose-built facility offer customers peace of mind knowing their valuables are safe with unrivalled security and a professional approach.

Why choose a Safe Deposit Box?

Storing your valuables in a safety deposit box is a wise and secure choice. Our specially designed boxes are housed within individual safes in a well-protected vault, shielding your valuables from various risks such as fires, floods, earthquakes, and unauthorised access.

The security measures employed within these private vault facilities are comprehensive. Access to your safety deposit box is safeguarded by individual keys and the watchful eyes of trained staff. The vault itself is a fortress, constructed with layers of reinforced concrete and steel walls. Reserve Vault is Brisbane’s only truly underground Vault for ultimate security.

Our safety deposit boxes in Brisbane cater to diverse needs, coming in different sizes to accommodate items such as bullion, documents, hard drives, digital wallets, jewellery, coin collections, and more.

Secure your valuables and ensure peace of mind. Make an appointment and discuss your safe deposit box requirements today.

Safe deposit box Reserve Vault Brisbane

Strictly by Appointment Only

Visitation to the Reserve Vault is strictly by appointment with photographic ID. Appointments can be made through our contact page.

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