Jewellery & Collectables Storage

Priceless Jewellery & Collectables Storage

Many of us have pieces of jewellery whose value goes beyond the gold and gems they contain… they are priceless in the very essence of the word. Whether it’s grandma’s old engagement ring, that special wedding gift or the piece you’ve always dreamed of and finally own, you don’t want to chance them to theft. Likewise you may have war medals, sporting medals, rare memorabilia or stamps. There are any number of treasures that you simply can’t ‘afford’ to risk losing. Again, the word ‘priceless’ comes to the fore.

Keeping these at home, even in your own safe, places them at direct risk of theft, fire or maybe even flood. Even if that special hiding place eludes the thief, it is probably then even more susceptible to fire. Our conveniently central CBD location, right next to major transport hubs and a public car-park mean you can easily place and remove your goods as you wish for those times you want to use or show them.

Priceless Jewellery & Collectables Storage

World Class Insurance

Need to insure your goods? Our master policy is underwritten by world class insurers and offers you very affordable insurance options. Feel free to ask if we can have your special possession insured.

If you are unsure please do not hesitate to call or email one of our friendly customer service representatives.
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Safe Deposit Boxes

At Reserve Vault we have very affordable safe deposit boxes starting from just $230 per year. Our safe deposit boxes contain bond boxes allowing you to add, admire and remove your prized possessions in private within one of our viewing rooms away from the gaze of our guards and cameras. We also have safes of varying sizes, shapes, and weight capacities to cater for those larger collectables like violins or the like.

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Secure Wallets

Similarly, your collectables may be precious documents of some kind, in which case you may want to consider one of our secure wallets.

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Strictly by Appointment Only

Visitation to the Reserve Vault is strictly by appointment with photographic ID. Appointments can be made through our contact page.

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