Fire-Resistant File Drawer Safe

Fire-Resistant File Drawer Safes are an excellent option for those who want to keep their valuable documents and other important items safe and secure. These safes are designed to provide excellent protection from fire and heat, and are perfect for storing items like passports, birth certificates, deeds, and other legal documents.

Each Fire-Resistant File Drawer Safe is key-locked, and can be leased per drawer. This makes them an affordable option for those who need to store a larger number of items. Each drawer can hold up to 25kg maximum, and is designed to hold documents in an organized and secure manner.

One of the benefits compared to other safes, like Safe Deposit Boxes and Bullion Locker Safes, is their ability to store documents in the same way that you would in a file cabinet, helping keep your documents from being damaged. Additionally, they provide a higher level of protection than standard document storage options like filing cabinets or cardboard boxes and are also housed within our high security vault area.

Common items stored within these types of safes include legal documents, passports, jewellery, cash, and other valuable items.

It is important to note that Fire-Resistant File Drawer Safes are not designed for the storage of large or bulky items. These items require a higher level of protection and a specialized storage solution like our Safe Deposit Boxes, Bullion Locker Safes and High Security Safes.


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