Do I Need A Bullion Locker Safe? Comparing Bullion Locker Safes To Safe Deposit Boxes

Do I Need a Bullion Locker Safe? Comparing Bullion Locker Safes to Safe Deposit Boxes

At Reserve Vault, a multitude of clients entrust us with the storage of their valuable gold, silver, and platinum holdings within our facility. Our comprehensive selection of storage options encompasses various sizes, including our specialised bullion locker safe units designed to accommodate high weights. Additionally, we provide the added advantage of simplified delivery arrangements through our partnerships with local bullion companies.

When it comes to storing your precious metal bullion, it’s crucial to choose the right storage solution that offers maximum security and protection. In this article, we will compare our bullion locker safes to our regular safe deposit boxes, focusing on their features and benefits. 

Features of Our Bullion Locker Safes

The most in-demand unit we offer, this pragmatic choice provides effortless maneuverability courtesy of a spacious access door. This door is safeguarded by an Abus 83/50 security lock and exclusively designated for each individual client. Following the lease period, the client retains ownership of this distinctive security lock.

Superior Protection for Heavy Items

While regular safe deposit boxes provide a standard level of security, bullion locker safes, with their purpose-built and heavy slotted steel construction, offer a superior storage solution for heavy items like precious metal bullion. Unlike regular safe deposit boxes, bullion locker safes are specifically designed to handle the weight of significant bullion holdings.  The sturdy construction of bullion locker safes ensures that your bullion remains secure, even in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as fire or water damage. With their reinforced materials and robust walls, these safes ensure optimal support and minimise the risk of damage to your valuable metals.

Insurance Considerations

Our insurance policy includes a specific provision outlining the maximum allowable value for items stored within our safe deposit boxes. Consequently, the value of the items you intend to place in storage may necessitate the utilisation of a specialised bullion locker. This ensures that your valuables are adequately accommodated while adhering to our insurance guidelines.

When it comes to storing your precious metal bullion, bullion locker safes outshine regular safe deposit boxes in terms of construction and protection for heavy items. Reserve Vault offers bullion locker safes, purpose-built with a high-security design and heavy slotted steel construction – perfect for your precious metal investment.

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