Fire Resistant Drawer Safe

Fire Resistant Drawer Safe

Secure, fire resistant drawer safe for document storage. Individual drawers or by bank of 4 with key and tumbler entry. Hard copies held safer than a cloud.

In a suspended filing cabinet type layout but with the security of fire resistance and high security construction with both keyed and tumbler combination locks, these units are popular for storage of high value documents or other delicate collectibles and bonds.

Given the very high level of fire immunity within the vault itself, the added protection of the fire resistance in these units virtually eliminates any risk of fire damage to your valuables.

As with custodial storage of bullion, the Reserve Vault offers custodial and logistics services for these units also. Enquire with Customer Service if such an arrangement is desirable.

These units can be leased on a drawer by drawer basis with key only access, or single complete units comprising 4 drawers with 4 keys and a master tumbler combination lock override. The ultimate in high security document storage flexibility.

Dimensions per drawer:

Size Max Weight Internal Dimensions
One Size 400 mm W x 280 mm H x 640 mm D 

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