Silver Storage

Gold and Silver Storage

The Reserve Vault has many gold and silver storage clients storing their precious metals in our facility, taking advantage of the custom made high weight capacity units we offer together with the convenience of easy delivery arrangements with our bullion company partners.

More and more people are making sizeable investments in precious metal bullion as global financial uncertainty prevails and major Governments around the world persist with aggressive debasement of fiat currencies. Importantly too, people are determining the importance and security of physical bullion storage as opposed to ‘paper’ ETF’s or Futures.

For those wanting to trade remotely, more frequently and conveniently, our Custodial Storage option is also popular.

Gold and silver storage rates are competitive with the on-costs associated with ETF’s, you can fully insure your investment and take the ultimate comfort of knowing you own real physical bullion independently stored and safe from any Cyprus style raid on your hard earned investment.