Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box is a very popular unit and the one most people visualise with such facilities. Our  Safe Deposit Boxes range from Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large to Extra Large so there is a size that suits most requirements and budgets.

Our boxes contain what’s called a ‘bond box’ which is a light metal closable unit that slides in and out of your Safe Deposit Box. You can take this bond box to one of our private handling rooms and handle your valuable contents in complete privacy, close your bond box and place back inside. The guard need never see your contents.

The key limitation to a Safe Deposit Box beyond physical size is its weight capacity. The descriptions below for each unit provide both internal dimensions and also weight capacity. The weight capacity needs to be adhered to as the bond boxes themselves are a very light unit plus there are Workplace Health and Safety requirements in terms of certain weights being lifted at certain heights. Should your contents grow to a weight exceeding the capacity of the unit we have a range of alternative affordable safe unit alternatives to simply move your goods to.

A feature of a Safe Deposit Box is the dual key arrangement. Each box has both a unique and master key. You hold the unique key and our guards hold the master. The box needs both keys to open and cannot be opened without your key. Keys cannot be replicated. Some clients like the comfort of this arrangement should they lose their key (in terms of another using it), though the reality is that absolutely no one enters the vault without passing security ensuring they are the registered person for any safe regardless.

When you come to open your account we can show you each box and you can decide what’s best for you on the day.

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