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Private Storage

When at the Reserve Vault clients are always accompanied by a fully qualified Security and Customer Service Officer as they visit their storage unit but given privacy when dealing with it’s contents.  We always limit appointments to 2 individual clients within the vault at any one time and each with a Security and Customer Service Officer. This gives clients the assurance of having complete security and privacy on their appointed time.

We often invite clients to go and experience other so-called high security facilities to compare the level of real security and privacy that we offer.

Below are the various storage options.  Please contact us for pricing.

Secure Envelope

Secure document storage held in individual A4 sealed envelope in one of our fire resistance drawer safes. Only $99/year!

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Dual key, flexible range of sizes, 2 -20kg capacity with bond box convenience

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Bullion Locker Safe

Custom made, high weight capacity, single key entry, 3 sizes, up to 500kg

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Tumbler Bullion Safe

Keyless traditional tumbler combination entry, high weight capacity, one size up to 800k

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Electronic Digital Safe

Keyless digital code entry, high weight capacity, one size to 700kg

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Fire Resistant Drawer Safe

Secure, fire resistant document storage. Individual drawers or by bank of 4 with key and tumbler entry. Hard copies held safer than a cloud.

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Large High Security Safe

The ultimate in large weight and volume capacity with combined key and tumbler entry. 2t capacity.

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